Latest update. Nov. 2023

  • Last updated new products released in Nov. 2023
  • Thank you to everyone who choose Def.model's stuffs
  • Launched a new series of AERO and military products of 3D printed parts. please check


- New Resin sagged wheel set
dw16004 dw35157 dw35162
dw35163 dw35164 dw35165 dw35066
dw35167 dw48009 dw24003
- New Military Detail up set
dd35017 dd35024 dd35025 dd35004
df24004 df35033 dm35141 dm35142
- New Resin and 3D Printed Aircraft detail up set
ds32011 ds48028 ds48029 ds72008
dz48006 dz48007 dz72007 dz72008