U.S M48A3 Basic Detail up set (1) (for Dragon 1/35)

DEF Model DM35029

Total : 20 Resin Parts , 2 PE plate and etc. for Searchlight parts



  • 1/35 M48A3 Patton Tank Detail up set(1) for Dragon 1/35,
  • Turret around detail up parts with AN/VSS-1 Searchlight parts,
  • Mantlet and Cupola canvas cover,
  • Detailed Towing cable hook parts and Jerrycan holder parts,
  • Select covered Searchlight parts,
  • Total 24 resin parts and PE part


Photo Etched parts data and Searchlight mirror sticker,glass film


Include uncovered AN/VSS-1 Searchlight parts(same as include our DM35025 M60 kit)